Start the dialogue:
yes or no?

What do you see:
image or story?

What do you choose:
to connect or to send?

What do you prefer:
content or form?

What intrigues you:
message or language?

What do you do:
getting started or train?

What do you think:
trust or dialogue?

Than this is my answer:

First the image, the picture other people have of you. Trust and dialogue are essential elements as an answer to the present time.

The content for a good image comes from your story, your message. Together both of them should connect, explain and build trust.

A good story and a good message will only have lasting value of they are being written and told in a language stakeholder groups understand. Only a text that can be remembered will have effect.

In other words: after content comes form, the way in which you tell your story. Therefore image is content and form. This we practise carefully in my training even before we we aan de slagaan de slag communicating.

After this we start communicating your story, of your message. Only this way together we will build trust: by working on a dialogue we will build a sustainable and long-lasting image. If you contact me, I’ll be happy to help you.

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